Mulching Sheet

mulching sheet


We are leading manufacturers of Mulching Sheets which used as a cover over the soil, to modify the effect of the local climate. These can impact the development of heat increasing or decreasing it, depend on color. Our Mulching sheets are available in various colors and thickness. Gray,black,silver colours are available.



  • Muskmelon/Watermelon mulch - 20/25 microns
  • Vegetable mulch - 25/30 microns
  • Orchid mulch - 50/100 microns
  • Width - 0.76m(2.5'), 0.91m(3'), 1m(3.3'), 1.2m(4'), 1.5m(5')
  • Length - 200/400 meter
plastic mulching sheet


  • Improved Weed Control
  • Soil Compaction Prevention
  • Provide excellent environment for roots development(Darkness,oxygen) in the upper surface
  • Salinity Reduction
  • Changing the micro-climate around the plant
  • Attract and reject insects
  • Prevent fertilizer leaching
  • Soil erosion controll
  • Prevent soil from splashing on the fruits during rains.
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Quality checks are integrated into each and every process to ensure hi quality standards of products.