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We manufacture high quality Grow bags, Agro bags, Planting bags.

Our Grow bag products are used in various field of agriculture. All these products are available in wide range of sizes and colours with an option of UV protection. We offer a wide range of choice that address various harvest applications. Buy grow bags from us. Get the benefit of buying directly from the manufacturer. Best price grow bags are available in many sizes - Buy now


grow bag agro agriculture bag large polythene bags plastic covers
Grow Bag Size 1
40 x 24 x 24 cm
grow bag agro agriculture bag medium polythene bags plastic covers
Grow Bag Size 2
35 x 20 x 20 cm
grow bag agro agriculture bag small polythene bags plastic covers
Grow Bag Size 3
30 x 16 x 16 cm
high quality Grow bag Agro bag Planting bag


A grow bag A grow bag is Co-extruded , 2 or 3 layers (multi-layer) polythene, in sheets, roll form & bag form. UV Treated bags (Ultraviolet treatment) -6 months to 5 years, with guarantee certification for UV stability and exposure periods in green house conditions, Hydrophonic cultivation or industrial growing conditions. The plastic bag contains sufficient amount of growing medium and nutrients to enable a plant such as tomato, bell pepper and strawberry to be grown to it’s full potential.


  • UV Stabilized
  • 600 Gauges (150 Microns)
  • Size: 40 X 24 X 24cm, 35 X 20 X 20cm, 30 X 16 X 16cm
  • Eco friendly
  • Perfect growing environment
  • Bio degradable
  • Easy irrigation and feeding
  • High quality
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Cost effective.
high quality Grow bag Agro bag Planting bag Horticulture


  • * Damages caused by over expansion of coco peat causing extra pressure on the bag and therefore causing the bag to crack.
  • * UV treatment is specifically for protection of the plastic bag from degrading adversely from the sunlight and its rays, therefore if any foreign matter such as spraying pesticides, chemicals, weed killer, insecticides, excessive amounts of sulphur & chlorine contents etc…hypothetically, found conclusively to cause the bag to crack or degrade from its original strength, the supplier would not be held liable.
  • * The bag cracking or degrading from its original strength due to abnormal heat of over 100 KLY.
  • * Hot chemicals coming in contact with the bag and causing the bag to melt.
  • * Termites degrading the polythene or making holes in them.
  • * Natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunamis, storms, tempest, flood and fire.
  • * Careless handling of the bags, manual tearing and improper storage.
  • * Degradation due to the rusting of metals on the frame mount coming in contact with the plastic.
  • * Untidy or uneven cuts of planting or drainage holes can cause a starting point in the subsequent tearing of the bag.
  • * Some of these factors can be overcome but the costs will be higher and the grower or end user should communicate the factors/issues they face before placing an order.


T.G.POLYMERS & CO. is one of the leading manufacturers of PP / HDPE / LDPE/HMHDPE Poly bags, sheets, Paper Bags and related packaging products in Kerala , India, since 1997.TG Polymers manufacture Grow bag, Agro bag, Planting bag, HDPE woven sack, PP Woven sack, HM, HDPE, LD, LLDPE, Polythene Bags, Sheets & Rolls in Kerala.

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